Artist Research: Gabriele Basilico

Gabriele Basilico is an Italian artist who was mainly interested in photographing the layers of modern and old in cityscapes and the modern landscape.

Most of Gabriele’s work is in black and white and I feel this really helps to improve the effect of the images as it draws out the lines and shapes in the buildings. I think colour is an unnecessary distraction for his work. The image below works because of the shapes and lines of the buildings.

Gabriele Basilico - Le Touguet

Gabriele Basilico – Le Touguet

Converting the images to black and white also gives many of them a timeless quality. The image below could have been taken at any point over the last 50 years (until you look at the cars in the bottom of the picture). This ties in nicely with his desire to bring out both the modern and the old in the vistas that he photographed.

Gabriele Basilico - Moscow

Gabriele Basilico – Moscow

Another important aspect of Gabriele’s images is the point of view. Many people capturing pictures in and around cities end up with disappointing, over-crowded images which don’t always convey the wide, sprawling nature of the city or the imposing scale of certain buildings. By carefully choosing his view-point, Gabriele has made the image of the city below far more interesting than is he had taken it from street level.

Gabriele Basilico - Montecarlo

Gabriele Basilico – Montecarlo

I have really enjoyed looking at Gabriele’s work and I am sure that this will inspire my own images. I have included below a couple of Gabriele’s interior images as I was really impressed at how beautiful they are. The composition is simple and yet perfect.

Basilico - PoolBasilico - Indoor

Finally I would like to briefly step back to the question of colour Vs black and white and I am finding that in a lot of cases I prefer an artist’s black and white images over their colour ones. I have included below an example of each from Gabriele’s collections. The shapes, lines and tonality of the black and white is far superior to the colour one in my opinion.

Gabriele Basilico - Dunkirk

Gabriele Basilico – Dunkirk

Gabriele Basilico - Colour

Gabriele Basilico – Colour

I obtained the above information and images from the following websites:



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